Free scratch samples

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23/03/2018 Groove Dealers

Free scratch samples

Classic Scratch Samples

The most popular samples for scratch are available for download now! Both WAV and MP3 (320 kbps).

There are 4 tracks. 8 samples per each track.
Compatible with all the software: Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox DJ, etc.

Classic Scratch Samples I


Track 1:
Fresh (Classic scratch FX), Ahhh (Classic scratch FX), Bass! (Public Enemy), Go!, Yea!, Ah-yeah (Public Enemy), Oneshot FX, Yeah-boy  (Public Enemy)

Track 2:
Awww, Worrrd, Hit Me, Yo, Bitch!, Stab FX, Yea, Cmon

Track 3:
Uh, Hit It, Like This, Ugh!, Haaa!, Get Down, Cmon Yeah, Break

Track 4:
King Of Bass, Ohh, Pitched FX, Horn, DJ Drop It, In The Mix, Are U Ready, Siren

Free DOWNLOAD .MP3 (320 kbps) or BUY the .WAV files

Classic Scratch Samples II

Free DOWNLOAD .MP3 (320 kbps) or BUY the .WAV files